GamesBeacon is a blog started by a group of mates from Walthamstow, East London.

We publish posts about small-scale video game events in and around London, as well as the larger gaming events running throughout the UK and Europe. Think of us as Time-Out London but purely focused on the loads of video game events such as tournaments, new releases and eSports.

Anyone looking for insights into their favourite gaming events such as previews and interviews with the organisers then GamesBeacon will soon become their new favourite site. It could be argued that we act as a sort of directory to Londoners/Londonites with a passion for gaming who are looking for a night out (and if it costs next to nothing then all the better).

Here is the team that put in their time to make the site tick.

Name: Nathaniel Legall

Role: Editor-In-Chief

‘The Don’ of GamesBeacon. Between pointlessly long essays Nathaniel can be found at video game events and writing for the site. Right now the part time black-guy is studying Biology at university with the hopes of becoming a researcher. His work has been published on the MCM Expo companion site MCM Buzz. As a member of the British Association of Journalists he enjoys turning his talents for research, writing and photography to contributing towards and running GamesBeacon.

Name: Sami Borg

Role: Editor

Name: Tyrone D’Souza

Role: Editor-at-Large

Do you run a video game event in London and want us to cover your event? Drop us an email at team@gamesbeacon.co.uk 

GamesBeacon Homepage


4 responses to “About GAMESBEACON

  1. Great idea for a site – I’m Stockwell based so any London news especially would be awesome. I notice your all console gamers – I hope you still give updates for PC gaming events :D

    • Thanks. Really appreciate your support. We are London based as well so to be honest we have a bit of a bias towards events in London so check back. In terms of format we are unbiased. Every gamer is equal :P Tyken100 is mainly a PC gamer so it’s nicely balanced between us.

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