And we’re back with a new YouTube Series – Event Round-Up

After a long hiatus of exams and real-life problems we are finally back – and with a vengeance. We (Nathaniel and Sami) recently recorded the first episode of a new YouTube series called ‘event round-up’ (I’m still toying with the name to be honest). In this series we will tell you about London-based video game events (and some of the larger ones outside London) that are due to take place in the following month. Every episode will also feature and be recorded during different event so this month we were at VR in a Bar (hosted by Virtual Umbrella) in the Loading Scenario bar. The event appeared to be a massive success and for a first attempt, so was the video.

Whilst recording of the first episode went quite well there are clearly some technical bugs that need to be resolved before the next episode. I am well aware of the sound problems which we did anticipate so for the next episode will be getting some sound rentals which will give us much better sound (promise). Location wise – we are toying with the idea of going to EGX 2015 at the NEC since it is no longer a London games expo. Not to mention the fact that Birmingham is a long way to travel to and from in a single day if we are still to meet work and family commitments. Thankfully September is already shaping up to be a very active month event wise so we are not struggling for alternative venues.



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