Loading: Scenario

Loading started it’s new rota of community events last week. The events range from showcases of games from indie devs. for the Oculus Rift to previews of AAA releases before they hit the shelves.


The gaming bar turned pub is known for it’s video game inspired concoctions initially inspired by 8-bit café and their Dr. Mario cocktail.


Loading started off in Falmouth, Cornwall off the back of Jimmy’s degree in Film Studies. He graduated but after a stint cheffing in cafés and restaurants he turned his knowledge of the business to start up his own gaming café. Gaming cafés were growing in Tokyo and after seeing how popular they were he decided wanted to do something similar in the UK. After 12 months in Soho, Loading now has a new name and a new location.


Loading: Scenario is collaborative venture between Loading, London Game Space and Scenario in Stoke Newington. Every weekday the Scenario pub is open to punters and events usually take place every Monday evening. The London Game Space found in basement is a treasure trove of free-to-play console games. This has proved so popular that the copy of Mario Kart 8 has already been replaced after overuse. It has been a good year for Loading after winning the 2014 MCV award for best retail concept.


GamesBeacon headed down to the Loading Scenario to speak with founder, Jimmy Dance about the bar’s move to it’s new East London postcode.


Could you explain your new rota of events that you’ve got going?

Yeah, yeah so every Monday we have some sort of games sampling so the Games Room that’s downstairs is open all week, all the time. So that’s kind of the Xbox One, the Super Nintendo, the Wii U – stuff people can just play and chill out. And on top of that we try to have a night each week where there is a focus on the V.R., multiplayer or single player. Something where you can come and try games that maybe either we can’t show downstairs during the week … V.R. was just putting headsets in the hands of people that normally don’t get to try them so there’s a lot of developer meet-up but very few that are trying to get the public to come down. So every event we host is about just getting people to have access to games rather than you have to buy a ticket


Errrrm tricky question now but what would you say is your favourite game of all time?

Errrr. favourite game of all time?


Any console.

Metal Gear on the PS1 was definitely a game like with all the wall-to-wall stuff and reading the memory card save. Resident Evil 4 was probably the only game that if you don’t count games that I’ve either lost or broken like Pro Evo back in the day that is the only game that I’ve bought twice on different formats. I didn’t own it on the Gamescube but I got it on the PS2 when they brought it to that and obviously when the Wii version came out but made the controls far better so I picked it up again on the Wii.

So, that get’s a lot of love and then a lot of the stuff I go back too is. Whenever anyone asks what is my favourite game I usually end up picking something random like Tetris just because it’s one I can play for any amount of time and it kind of doesn’t really have [a story] whereas Metal Gear and Resident Evil are more if you play the story you wont really replay that story. You can’t keep replaying it over and over again because kind of like a film it’s the same thing whereas Tetris is a puzzler so you kind of feel like it’s not the same every time. So that’s the one I go to whenever I’m asked what game would I want to be stuck with so I can go Tetris I’d probably go insane far slower than if I only had Metal Gear.


[Laughs] I should have said if you were put on an island with one console, one game then…

Yeah, that’s my desert island game errrm… yeah when it’s my favourite game people get angry if you go and say Tetris because it’s probably not the pinnacle of gaming.


True but it does have a lot to it. I understand what you mean it’s not exactly mind-blowing in terms of graphics or storyline but it’s still a solid game.

Yeah it’s playable…


I think it’s a good choice.

I think it’s one that I can go back and play. Or it ends up getting put onto a phone that I’ve bought I will end up playing it on that so it’s one that I would usually just end up going back to whereas other things like Metal Gear do look a little bit horrific now with the PS1…


But at the time…

At the time I remember that looking super slick



And then they rebooted it for 4 so…


Are there any particular games that you’re playing at the moment?

Errr there’s like a hit-list of stuff I want to play so I’ve still got [Metal Gear Solid] Ground Zero to play which I installed downstairs so hopefully I will get to have a go on that at some point errr Nuclear Throne I really like the look of errrm…


I think there is somebody playing that right now actually, Ground Zero

Oh ok. It’s good to see it’s getting some use so ‘Nuclear Throne’, Vlambeer’s one with the robot-like top down shooter that’s something I want to pick up. And then beyond that not too much I’m waiting for ‘Alien: Isolation’. I usually end up picking a game or two per year that I then deliberately make a lot of time for so Alien: Isolation will be this one in October and the Lord of the Rings one…Shadow of Mordor is it coming out?


That’s what it’s called.

Kind of like Assassin’s-Creedy.


That’s looks good.

Yeah otherwise at the moment very little. I tend to get an hours worth of a game or living through trailers, video reviews,.


Would you say that you’re a sporadic gamer so you wait a lot time for a particular game and then you play through in like 2 days?

Yeah blitz in one go. Or it’s just having the time. People think you own a gaming pub so you can play games all day but you have far too much boring stuff to do. It’s usually you get an hour or two but with the way that console gaming has gone it’s not so easy. You can’t really sit down to play just an hour of something. I tried the ‘Destiny’ alpha and sunk 8 hours of my Sunday just by picking it up and not moving. So I to tend to like to sit down and play stuff as much as I can in one go.


Are a bit of a ‘completionist’ then?

For the story part but definitely not 100% for the 1000 achievement points or emblems I get are minimal. As for playing it or if I stop playing it for more than a week the odds are I just don’t go back to it because I’ve kind of forgotten where I am or I’ve moved on to something else so it’s usually I just have the one game I’m playing whereas I know that some people are far better at playing two hours of this, switch to another, then switch back. I will have my one game that I am working my way through then if it’s not multiplayer then I will try not to get anything else in the way of that.


Click here for more information on upcoming events and follow Loading on Twiier @drinkrelaxplay.


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