VR in a Bar – Loading Scenario

VR in a Bar is a monthly social held at Loading Scenario for video game developers to meet other devs. More importantly though it is a chance to sample virtual reality games on display using the Oculus headset…FOR FREE! (I know right!).

Often the games on show will have been finished just days before. This gives you the chance to literally play games after their last line of code has been written and help the devs. to improve their game before it is made available to the wider public.

Check out our exclusive videos below


Smash Hit Plunder

Smash Hit Plunder is a minecraft-esque virtual reality game in which the objective is to plunder your way through the dungeon. As you do this you collect coins hidden underneath and within the furniture. This is all against the clock. The more coins you collect, the higher your score.



Radial-G is a high-octane multiplayer racer for the VR generation, featuring over 30 real and AI opponents. Fully immerse yourself in intense races on tubular tracks with gut-wrenching twists, turns and drops. All in glorious 1080p running at 60fps (as a minimum). The game relies on the Oculus headset to give a first person perspective of the cockpit and the craft is controlled using a Xbox One handset.

After the success of VR in a Bar more virtual reality games will be on show at the next event including the Oculus Mk. 2 dev. kit which offers better graphics for a smoother user experience.

VR in a Bar is going to be a monthly feature in Loading Scenario’s event calendar. Their next event is on 25th August. General entry is free.



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