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StreetPass London held it’s inaugural meeting of the year last weekend at the South Bank Centre. With a Nintendo 3DS in hand GamesBeacon’s Nathaniel Legall joined StreetPass London at their event.

Visitors to will already be familiar with the group’s founders Helen Doherty and Max Maslen. The newest branch of the UK-wide StreetPass UK community aims to bring together 3DS users from across the city for exciting events and competitions. StreetPass London is one of over 40 different StreetPass communities across the country looking for new members.

There was a noticeably social and friendly atmosphere throughout the event. Inclusiveness was certainly the name of the game with gamers of all shapes and sizes taking part. Social groups were able to mix comfortably over their love for the Nintendo 3DS. Mario Kart spans over generations of consoles, as did the age of the gamers in attendance. StreetPass London made use of Mario Kart 7’s download play functionality to hold three Mario Kart 7 tournaments. Freebies are always welcomed by the GamesBeacon team and thanks to the support of Capcom and videogame retailer GAME they were able to give away limited edition Monster Hunter pin badges and Pokémon cards.

Bring along friends and take part in open tournaments.

StreetPass London attracts gamers from a range of ages








Event Organiser and Graduate Helen Doherty sat down for a chat with GamesBeacon about how StreetPass came to be.


Where did the idea for StreetPass London come from?

Well…I run a site called 3DS Blessed and through the site I got chatting to some guys from StreetPass UK. They were encouraging people to set up groups around the country so before this there was no actual StreetPass London. There is DS London but that’s for both the DS and 3DS so I thought it would be cool if there was a group which solely emphasised the 3DS.


So you are also the founder of 3DS Blessed right?



Is 3DS Blessed simply a review website or is it more of a community forum?

It’s kind of similar to your site but not as community focussed so they are similar in that way. But we also do reviews. So I don’t think that we are as on point with the community stuff as you but we do like to do that as well.


What games are you looking forward to at Eurogamer?

I don’t think they have announced errr… I think it might be too early…


For the specific titles yes.

Well I guess our main priority would be to play the 3DS games but I don’t really know about what’s actually coming. I’m not really that knowledgeable at the moment so maybe like closer to the time I would have a better idea.


You’re right. Maybe like early September, late August they will say. Like even [MCM] Expo doesn’t have anything up yet and it’s only a month away.

I like the fact that Expo is becoming a lot more videogame orientated.


I agree. Because there is so much money [in videogaming] and [publishers] know that people want to be able to play or preview a video game that’s not event out yet. They will pay £10, £20 for a ticket at an expo just to play a game and they know that.

Yeah they’ve got the right idea [Laughs].


What kind of video gamers do you hope to attract to your events?

To Sonic London or here?


Sonic London first then StreetPass

Okay to Sonic London it’s mainly Sonic fans and to do this it’s 3DS fans of all different kinds because they do come in all shapes and sizes. I mean you’ve got your Pokémaniacs, you’ve also got your monster hunters and then there is also the general people and the Animal Crossers. You know and I think that a bit of everything turned up today.


And speaking of Monster Hunter earlier you also had event organiser Angela turn up.

Oh Angela, yeah she is a really good friend of ours.


Monster Hunter 4 was announced not long ago. So..

I know. I know. Are you going to be playing?

Kieran won a Pikachu doll after coming first in the Mario Kart 7 tournament

Kieran won a Pikachu doll after coming first in the Mario Kart 7 tournament

StreetPass London used an open space on the 6th floor of the Southbank Centre

StreetPass London used an open space on the 6th floor of the Southbank Centre









I wanted to get Monster Hunter 3 because I just bought a 3DS but then I heard that Monster Hunter 4 was coming out next year so I am still teetering. Maybe I should just get 3 and then get 4.

Have you played Monster Hunter? I know I loved [Monster Hunter] 3 on the 3DS. Like I played 300 hours. I guess a big part of that was being part of the Monster Hunter community. Errm and I mean it’s still going. It’s actually a good little community like people are really friendly and everyone is always up for a chat. So if you did get your hands on Monster Hunter 3 and managed to get some time of uni/work then that would be something that I would very much recommend looking at.


I guess the communities are a bit like what used to be versus play. So you would get your friends round and play vs. …

Yeah, yeah and you had to do it in your bedroom and it’s so cool that you don’t have to do that now. You can still do the bedroom thing but now there are more options. You don’t have to be friends with someone to challenge them here sometimes that’s better in a way.


You said that this is only your first meet. Do you have any plans for the future events for StreetPass London yet.

Well it’s like…whenever you start something there are always so many ideas after and then you probably only execute only about 20% so err…



[Laughs] We are thinking of holding another meeting during the Summer but there are no plans for that yet.


Big question now, what’s your favourite game of all time and on what platform? It doesn’t have to be on the 3DS.

Errr ok. Twilight Princess for Gamecube.


Right I have never heard of that game, to be honest.

Zelda Twilight Princess?!


Oh right! [Laughs] Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

[Laughs] Yeah, sorry. I should’ve said all of it. Yes. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


Awesome, on the Gamecube?

Yeah because I played the Gamecube version and everything is supposed to be in the exact same place as it is in Ocarina of Time. I guess that probably makes it better.


What games are you playing at the moment on the 3DS?

At the moment…errm I’m playing errm I was playing Retro City Rampage which is awesome but at the moment I am playing Pokémon X.


How many StreetPass hits do you have?

I don’t know I think that it’s nearly 2000.


2000?! I’ve just got my 3DS and from today I got about 20. So I’m very pleased because I only had three before.

Oh that’s really good. And if you keep coming back then everyone is going to level up ofcourse. 20 people leveling up!


This event is a must for any 3DS owner, new or veteran. StreetPass London is a great place to make real friends and talk about games in a friendly, non-threatening environment. I, myself as a newcomer to Nintendo’s portable system was able to get a few handy tips about gameplay and hints as to the best places for buying protective cases. Sandwiched between a film and a trip to the pub this event would make a great day-out. StreetPass London hope to run a few events and meetings every year.

For more information on upcoming meets join the StreetPass London Facebook group and follow them on Twiier @StreetPassLon.


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