FIFA 13 and Pro Evo. Soccer 2013 Tournaments – 12th May

Football gamers are being given the opportunity to pit their skills against others in two offline tournaments run by 360 Gaming UK. FIFA and Pro Evolution players alike will be able to battle for ultimate bragging rights at the Tooting Tram and Social.

360 Gaming UK is a diverse and exciting business that caters for the avid gamer through competitions, parties and corporate events. This is the second football game event to be held at the South London venue.

The event will be London’s eighth official Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 tournament. As the official offline ranking event for Pro Evolution Soccer this event has a PESRankings ELO value of 16K. Both tournaments will consist of a group stage before knock outs commence. Group sizes are 4-7 people depending on the total attendance. PES will be on the PS3. XBOX players will be required to bring a wired controller and converters will be available to for a small refundable deposit. Likewise to the Pro. Evo tournament, FIFA PS3 must bring a wired controller for conversion to the XBOX system.

Tournament entry is £10 per person for each tournament. A discounted online price of £8 is available here. The winners will receive a £50 Zavvi voucher and a small cash prize of half the tournament entry. If your having difficulties arriving on time please contact me VIA PESRankings through the PM service to let me know.

The deadline for arrival and registration into both tournaments is 1pm with the action starting promptly at 2pm.

The event is at the Tooting Tram and Social, 46-48 Mitcham Road, SW17 9NA (nearest tube is Tooting Broadway). Open at 12 till 6. Entry for spectators and casual gamers is £5.

For more information, contact


Velocity Gaming Homepage

Twitter: @VelocityG6


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