Injustice: Gods Among Us UK Finals

8 finalists from cities across Britain arrived at Warner Bros. HQ in lovely old London today to battle for the title of Injustice: Gods Among Us UK Champion.

Several qualifying events were held at GAME stores spanning the length and breadth of Britain. Qualifiers happened over two weeks but the full version of the game was still yet to be released. So far the demo version of Injustice was used in the gaming machines at competitions and available to players to download. An important thing to note about the demo version was that certain playable characters such as Aquaman had not been included. Throughout this tournament competitors were faced with a dilemma; to play with new and possibly better characters or ‘stick to their guns’ and use the characters they have been practising with so far.

It did seem a bit peculiar that the qualifying stages of the tournament were played on the gaming machines which have a fighting stick configuration built into them but the finals were played using PS3 versions of the game with only the PS3’s controllers as an option for controlling the characters movements. John James was swiftly defeated in the opening stages of the competition complaining of the fact that it was the PS3 and not the Xbox version. Surely if you are going to run a tournament on as big a scale as this (pending technical capabilities at venues) you would make every effort to maintain a particular format from beginning to end. Rant over. You can find results for the UK finals below.

Tournament Standings

Quarter Finals

John James (1) vs. Gareth Wooloff (2)

Thia Son (2) vs. Dan Footiff (0)

Jay Dickson (2) vs. Lee Ly (1)

Daniel Ball (2) vs. Huw Dickson (0)

Semi Finals

Thia Son (0) vs. Jay Dickson (2)

Gareth Wooloff (0) vs. Daniel Ball (2)


Jay Dickson (3) vs. Daniel Ball (0)

Jay who qualified through the Peterborough heat used Batman as his character for all three games. We caught up with the UK champion after, he said ‘It really feels like I have come full circle. I faced Ketchup in a Mortal Kombat tournament similar to this a couple of years ago. Now he is commentating in this tournament with Mustard so it is kind of weird.’  It was an incredible tournament for Jay who won in comfort and style, only dropping a single game the whole event.

As well as infinite bragging rights and the snazzy Injustice: UK champion belt, the tournament winner was also in line for a 40″ SMART TV, a PS Vita and a place at the International Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament in Paris. We would like to wish Jay the best of luck and a very happy birthday at the International finals next week Tuesday!

NL and SB

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