Loading Soho Gaming Café/Bar

Loading opened a temporary branch of their gaming café in London’s swanky Soho this week. In partnership with MADD café near Tracadero arcade hundreds of gamers were given the opportunity to get a taste for what Loading has to offer in terms of it’s video game influenced cocktails and retro gaming wears. Velocity Gaming’s G1tar Hero and T-7-Z went down on Thursday night to take a look.

The fairly unassuming café was transformed into a hive of activity over two days, particularly on the Thursday evening when we went.GeekPub the pubmeet for gamers was holding their monthly social mixer at the bar/café. Dotted around the venue were freebies board gamers to play including the before unknown Gears of War: Board. (Did you know there was a board game, I didn’t!)

Loading Soho had a genuine, feel-good atmosphere. On show were Street Fighter, New Super Mario Bros. U, Soul Calibur and other classics (OK – maybe New Super Mario Bros. U isn’t a ‘classic’) complete with arcade sticks. If there were more consoles available then maybe the event would have been better. But then again

that being said we still enjoyed watching others having a go. In the future, when Loading Soho hopefully returns on a permanent basis we can assume that available consoles wont be a problem. During a normal day there will probably be less people.

Loading Soho’s opening was very impressive. Both myself and T-7-Z were ecstatic that we could be part of something so brilliant in the gaming community. Hopefully Loading Soho returns soon and returns to stay.


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