DS:London Pub Meet

DS:London hold a fortnightly pub meet of DS and 3DS gamers. Owners of the Nintendo handhelds are invited to join other fans from all around London for an evening of social gaming.

During the pub-meet gamers can enjoy matches of Mario Kart 7, Bomberman, Tetris and 42 all-time classics amongst others. The event is run by Lee Moore who has been attending DS:London meet ups for 6 years and managing them for just over a year. The event is popular with university students and others in their early 20s. Their regular pub at the moment is the Angel in the Fields on Thayer St. (about 5 minutes walk away from Bond Street station).

DS:London also release a monthly podcast via iTunes. Have a listen by following the link below (if you want to).

The next pub meet is on March 30th, 6pm at The Angel in the Fields on Thayer Street. Visit the DS:London Meet-Up or DS: London Facebook page to find out more.

Velocity Gaming Homepage

Twitter: @VelocityG6


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