Mad Catz Fifa 13 Qualifier: London Tottenham Court Road PC World and Currys

The Gaming Bunker (Twitter: @Gaming_Bunker) is a new section of PC World and Curry’s Tottenham Court Road store. The flagship store’s recent addition is aimed at PC gamers and shows off some of the best gaming kit available on the market. 10 high-spec gaming PCs will run popular games including League of Legends, World of Tanks, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Borderlands 2.

We have been told that the gaming accessory manufacturer, MadCatz is hosting a free Fifa 13 tournament in the gaming den. The tournament is open to anyone willing to come. On Friday 1st March sign ups will start at 10am inside the store. However, there are only 32 places available in tournament so we recommend that you arrive early. The two best players will receive a pair of tickets to the i48 gaming festival. If you are unable to spend the day in store then you are invited to take a look. There will be giveaways from sponsors throughout the day. Will you be missing work or school to take part? If so, make sure to tell us your thoughts on the tournament as well as the new Gaming Bunker.

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