Gamespot presents Crysis 3 at the London BFI IMAX

Gamespot presents Crysis 3 at the London BFI IMAX gave the gaming community an opportunity to play the first few levels of Crysis 3. In Electronic Arts’ latest addition to the Crysis series the year is 2025 and New York has been surrounded by nanadome. We follow Prophet who fights remnants of the alien Ceph as well as the Cell Company as he tried to uncover a dark secret within the city.

Anyone that has played the previous Crysis titles, particularly on a PC already know of the immensely beautiful graphics that Crysis presents. Crysis 3 promises to bring even better ‘PC melting’ visuals via the CryENGINE®3 software. Learn how to build your own PC for Crysis 3 from IGN.

16 guests were given the chance to compete in the Hunter game-mode (including Velocity Gaming’s T-7-Z and G1tarHero) on the country’s largest cinema screen. Participants competed for a chance to visit Crytek’s Frankfurt headquarters, a copy of the game, the game’s premium strategy-guide and a snazzy nanosuit onesie. The same Hunter game-mode was released periodically as part of the Online multiplayer Beta. Simple to say, it was the most epic experience to date. G1tarHero finished 4th in the preliminary round putting him through to the final where he ended in 3rd. Crytek’s quality assurance testers and engineers provided an excellent inside look into the game. As well as utilising the IMAX auditorium for the evening, the event was streamed live to over a thousand people via

The event also featured the release of the novel adaptation for Crysis 3 written by Gavin Smith. From what I’ve read of the book so far, it

Copy of Crysis Escalation by Gavin Smith

Copy of Crysis Escalation by Gavin Smith

is actually rather good. Crysis Salvation is set in the aftermath of Crysis 2 and progresses through towards the beginning of Crysis 3. The science fiction novel does very well to encapsulate a universe of narrative viewpoints including ‘Psycho’, ‘Prophet’ (Alcatraz), Lazy Dane from Crysis Warhead. To tie in with Crysis 3’s multiplayer, there is also noticeable  focus on the story of the Cell Operatives. We were lucky enough to get our copy signed by Gavin himself. When I asked Gavin how he writes a book about a video game that hasn’t been released yet he said, ‘Writing a book like this is a massive collaboration between myself, the game designers and writers at Crytek and other…You have to be careful when you write stories about something created by someone else.’

Crysis 3 is out for the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC on the 22nd February in Europe and the 19th in North America.


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