Next game in Crysis series announced

Electronic Arts Inc. and the relatively quieter games developer Crytek recently announced the release of Crysis 3. You can pick up the 3rd instalment of the popular shooter on Friday 22nd February 2013 in Europe and two days before in North America.

Set in a mid-21st Century New York you play as ‘Prophet’ and using your nanosuit you can adapt your strength, speed and power to defeat your enemy. The well preserved trend of jaw-dropping gorgeous graphics continues in Crysis 3. Along with it’s realistic artificial intelligence we look forward to the games release in early Spring. But if you would like to wet your whistle with some super-human action before then, Crytek has worked with Albert Hughes to produce a series of 7 films based on the game titled ‘The Seven Wonders of Crysis 3’. Each film is to be released one after the other up until the game’s release. The films look pretty kick-ass but don’t let me keep you away any longer, check them out for yourself.

Also, in London (UK) GameSpot UK and Crytek have come together in conjunction with the London BFI IMAX to host a promotional event for Crysis 3. On the 14th of February 2013 they will be hosting an event for a few dozen lucky gamers to experience Crysis 3 on the biggest screen in the UK. Velocity Gaming hopes to bring you some on the ground news about the event.

We are confident that the game will be an unrivalled hit and an big step forward, particularly for the first person shooter making it a very befitting early release.

Crysis 3 is available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Written by G1tarHero (Xbox 360)


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