Black Ops II Live Weekend Event in Central London, Holborn



To celebrate the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Treyach are running a preview event for gamers to try the Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map for free in London’s Bloomsbury Ballroom.

The event is being hosted by the game’s developer in Central London as we get closer approach the impending release. Set in the near future, Black Ops II mixes the familiar with the unfamiliar in a melee of high-octane action which you would be sorry to miss. This coming weekend gamers in and around London will be able to play the exclusive Nuketown 2025 map only before the game is launched worldwide midnight 13.11.12. The Nuketown 2025 map is a remake of the original multiplayer map from the first Black Ops game and is exclusive only to launch copies of Black Ops II.

The Velocity Gaming team will be bringing you their views of the Blacks Ops II Live event straight from the Bloomsbury Ballroom but if you would like to register for the event yourself please follow the links below.

Also, HMV Oxford Circus will be hosting a launch event for the game inside their flagship store. With some of the game’s developers expected for game signing, a special COD stage and 4×4 multiplayer tournaments it is no wonder that whilst this is being written, social networking sites are reporting that devoted COD players are already queueing.

Written by Nathaniel Legall.


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